try not to watch a great deal of TV in the previous barely any years. It isn't so much that I don't care for it, really it is a decent getaway some of the time from this present reality, its simply that I have almost no extra time and TV is at the base of my need list. Also check PopcornWIKI to learn more

Occasionally the hubby and I will get captured on an arrangement and watch it together late evenings after the young ladies headed to sleep and we got done with our night work telephone gatherings. As of now we are snared on "Orange the latest trend dark". I know, we are in every case late to the gathering.

At the point when we do get around to sitting in front of the TV, I like to have a nibble around. I realize it is an unfortunate propensity to nibble before the TV yet I don't do it that regularly that its fine for me. I do incline toward that the bite will be as solid as could reasonably be expected. For this reason I'll attempt to adhere to apples, however hello, some of the time you simply need something salty and warm for a tidbit. I am anyway against that locally acquired popcorn packs that contain included oils, additives, salt in nonsensical sums and god recognizes what else. I like to control what goes in my popcorn.

Oil free popcorn

That is the reason I did a few examinations and found that you can undoubtedly make burner popcorn with no oil. No oil you inquire? believe it or not, no requirement for it, so why abdomen the calories? I'll impart to you underneath the technique that works for me. I for one eat it plain, with a tad of included salt. Be that as it may, in the event that you are in the mind-set for salted caramel popcorn, look at my veggie lover salted caramel popcorn formula here.

Furthermore, look at my other gluten free plans, they are altogether simple to make!

Oil free popcorn pieces in a pot

The Dishometer Rating:



5 mins

Complete TIME

5 mins

Burner Popcorn without the requirement for oil

Formula type: Snack

Serves: one bowl


½ a cup popcorn pieces (sum can change as indicated by your pot, you'll have to put the portions in a single layer inside your pot, so as per size may require pretty much parts)


Spot the popcorn pieces in a single layer on the base of a profound pot, as appeared in the image in the post above, and close with the top

Turn on oven on medium warmth

Remain near the oven as you'll have to tune in to the bits as they pop. Toward the starting the popcorn will pop overwhelmingly. When there is an interim of a second or two between the pop sounds this is an ideal opportunity to kill the oven

Trust that the popcorn will cool and move it to your ideal bowl

In the event that you came here searching for oil free popcorn, I wager you'll like other substance on my blog. I utilize just wholefoods, no prepared sugars, numerous gluten free plans, and attempt to keep things on the solid side for the most part, so go check my Recipes page!

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